Providing safe and reliable low-cost energy to Matagoda County

Clean Energy

Committed to Keeping Matagorda’s Air and Water Clean

White Stallion is committed to keeping Matagorda County’s environment clean, including the air and water.

White Stallion air emissions will fall below mandatory national and state air quality levels. Water effluent limits will maintain and protect the existing instream uses for high aquatic life and contact recreation. Routine monitoring of emissions and discharges will ensure that these discharges are under control and there are no adverse impacts.

In the older traditional solid-fueled power plants, pollution control occurred only after the combustion process. The technology White Stallion is permitting begins reducing pollutants during the combustion process and continues the cleansing process throughout the operations.

Here’s how it works.

White Stallion’s circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) design will remove sulfur dioxide during the combustion process by adding limestone into the boiler. Limestone reacts with the sulfur dioxide to produce a solid material that can be collected with the ash removed from the bottom of the boiler. In addition, the CFB technology does not require the higher temperatures needed in other power plant boilers. Because of this, smaller amounts of nitrogen oxides are produced.

After the combustion process in the boiler, White Stallion is adding other controls to remove the remaining pollutants, including the following:

  • A selective non-catalytic reducer to remove nitrogen oxides;
  • Dry scrubber to remove sulfur dioxide;
  • Activated carbon to remove mercury; and
  • Bag houses (large honeycombed filters) to remove particulate matter.

These pollution controls remove 99% of the regulated pollutants and particulates generated during the combustion process. Several of these controls are beyond what is required by the TCEQ.

The net sum of this process: There will be no environmental impact that will limit the location of other industries in Matagorda County.