Providing safe and reliable low-cost energy to Matagoda County

Economic Impact

White Stallion: A Major Economic Boost for Matagorda County

White Stallion is good for Matagorda County, creating jobs, boosting the tax base and generating more spending for local goods and services. The White Stallion Energy Center investment base for the project will exceed $2 billion. It will contribute an estimated $20 million in annual taxes to the area, with approximately $13 million in taxes filtering to the Bay City Independent School District, $3 million going to the Matagorda County government, and $2 million for the Matagorda County Hospital District.

White Stallion Addition to Local Taxes

Bay City ISD $13,000,000
Matagorda Fiscal Court $3,000,000
Matagorda County Hospital $2,000,000
Port of Bay City $500,000
Reclamation and Conservation District #1 $500,000

White Stallion will also stimulate Matagorda County’s economy by employing a currently estimated 2,250 workers during its four- to five-year construction phase. When completed, it will provide permanent employment for up to 200 people, with an average annual salary of $70,000 dollars.