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How To Optimize Your Website | Steps 7-10

Step 7 – Using Other Websites to Drive Traffic

Although this isn’t exactly under the search engine optimization category, it is a very useful method of internet marketing. We use other popular, established websites to list your products and services. Here’s a small list of some examples of websites that it may make sense for your website to be listed at.

  • Angie’s List – Used to find reliable contractors based on your customers ratings and feedback
  • Wikipedia – Contribute to the open source community using content from your website
  • Craigslist – list free ads for products or services
  • Ebay & Amazon – Sell products online and build a reputation

Step 8 – Advanced Marketing Techniques

Social Web Marketing

The biggest thing on the internet at the moment are “social” websites. Your business can take advantage of social websites, create a following, offer discounts and keep your subscribers informed about what’s new with your company. Below are links to two of the most popular social websites on the internet.

  • Facebook – build a community of fans of your company
  • Twitter – build a list of followers that want to stay informed with your company


Email Marketing

A great way to reach your existing customer base is with emails. We use Constant Contact for our email marketing campaigns. With the ease of the built in opt-in and opt-out system and creation of emails, we can teach our clients how to use this simple, yet powerful, email marketing program. There’s no better audience to promote a new product to than customers who have already purchased products on your website before or those who offer their email address to you when they come to your website.

Community Involvement

The more you get your name out there, the more you appear to others to be the expert in your field. When a potential customer sees your name all over the internet, they build up a trust and will look to you for advice and opinions. Below is a list of examples that we can do on your behalf to make you seem like the authority when it comes to your products, services or industry.

  • Comment on Industry Blogs
  • Comment on Industry Forums & Message Boards
  • Provide help on Q&A Sites, such as Yahoo! Answers
  • Start blogging

Step 9 – Tracking Results

Google Analytics accounts are set up on all websites that we optimize. We look at the information in these reports to make sure that we are optimizing for the best key phrases. Sometimes our keywords aren’t bringing in the highest possible conversion rates, so we look at our reports and decide if there are additional key phrase that we need to be targeting. Using this approach, we are able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Some of the things we track are

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of page-views
  • The source of the traffic
  • The conversion rate of visitors taking actions on your website (filling out forms, purchasing products, etc.)

Step 10 – Reporting

We use the client center, on the back-end of this website, to communicate with our customers. We show you what we’ve done to your website and keep you updated on your rankings, traffic reports, directory submissions, etc. If you have any other questions or are having a hard time finding the information that you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

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