Providing safe and reliable low-cost energy to Matagoda County


White Stallion Energy Center will be a 1,320 megawatt, base-load, solid-fueled electric power generating station located in Matagorda County. When completed in 2015, it will produce enough energy to supply 650,000 homes.

Fueled by a blend of coal and pet coke—the lowest-cost fuel sources available—the White Stallion Energy Center will provide a much-needed lower-cost energy alternative for South Texas residents and businesses. To preserve our pristine air and water, the $2.5 billion state-of-the-art power generation facility will be constructed and equipped with environmentally-advanced, commercially-proven, emission-lowering technology.

Management Team

The White Stallion Energy Center is being developed by a 52 member team of power generation experts with decades of experience. Together, this team of exceptional individuals will build what is sure to become a model for low-cost, clean solid-fuel power generation in Texas and beyond.

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Development Team

The White Stallion development team has developed over 7,840 megawatts of power generation in the last 20 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of developing clean electric generation projects. Approximately 2,500 megawatts of this generation is operating in Texas today.

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News and Updates

The White Stallion team wants to keep you apprised of the status of the development. Check our News and Updates page frequently for updates and news of interest.

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